Annual Inspections are Important

annual-inspection-toolsNo one likes to deal with a heating emergency in Kennewick! They happen at exactly the wrong time, and emergency service can be expensive. Preventative maintenance can help you avoid system failures, and can actually extend the life of your heating system.

Maintenance can help with normal wear and tear on systems

Safety, efficiency and reliability are the primary goals of preventative maintenance. Scheduling an annual inspection for your heating and cooling equipment gives a trained professional the chance to clean and test the major components of your system. During testing, the technician can measure output performance, examine your system for wear, and replace components as recommended by the manufacturer.

Regular preventative maintenance also ensures that your system operates at peak efficiency. This is important for systems that are designated as “high-efficiency.” Without regular maintenance, high-efficiency systems can lose 15%-25% of their operating efficiency in as little as a year! This loss of efficiency will mean that your system works harder to deliver heated or cooled air to your home. It also means that you’ll spend more to operate your system and your major system components will wear out faster.

Preventative annual maintenance takes less time and costs less than a major system repair. It also ensures that your operating costs remain low throughout the heating and cooling season.

Some Maintenance tasks can be DIY

Changing Filter Regularly can help save on overall energy costs
In some cases, you can perform some preventative maintenance tasks yourself. Changing the filter in your furnace or air handler regularly is a good example of DIY maintenance. Keeping a clean filter in your system will help ensure that your system operates efficiently and the air in your home stays clean!

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