How do restaurants get rid of biodegradable waste?

Restaurants generate a lot of biodegradable waste, and it’s virtually impossible to keep it out of the drains. In a restaurant, a drain clog can be a disaster. Chemical drain cleaners don’t always work, they’re unsafe to store around food, and they can backflow into the restaurant’s kitchen area once they’ve been poured down the drain. Over time, they can also damage your pipes! If the clog can’t be relieved on-site, the restaurant may have to close until a drain cleaning service can address the problem.

So how do eateries in Kennewick, Pasco and Richland keep their restaurant drains clean?

An enzymatic drain cleaner like BioOne is a trusted product for restaurants all over the United States. From the moment they hit the drain, the enzymes in BioOne drain cleaner go to work, breaking down organic materials like grease and food waste that can clog a drain fast. They work until the grease and organic materials are gone.

BioOne is safe to handle, stores easily and will not damage your pipes.

BioOne works gently to remove organic materials and the biological growth that naturally occurs in all drains. Your drains will flow freely with regular treatments. By using a gentle, safe and eco-friendly restaurant drain cleaner like BioOne, you can reduce or eliminate the need for emergency drain cleaning services.

BioOne is great for floor drain cleaning.

You can also use it to manage restaurant grease traps and sink drains. BioOne’s liquid commercial formulation comes in a convenient, pre-mixed 2.5-gallon container. There’s no fussing, measuring or mixing. Simply apply liquid BioOne to floor drains, sink drains and restaurant grease traps, and BioOne will do the rest.

For more accurate and consistent drain cleaning treatment, BioOne also offers an automatic dispensing station that measures the right amount of BioOne to keep your drain lines flowing freely. BioOne is also perfectly safe for use in septic tanks to promote biological action, reduce the buildup of material that can interfere with proper septic drainage and keep a commercial septic tank clean. BioOne DFX is a drain field inoculant designed especially to help regenerate septic drain fields and reduce the overall load on the septic drain field. BioOne DFX helps to counteract the effects of inorganic cleaners, soaps and detergents that find their way into a commercial septic system and reduce system efficiency.

At Fuse Heating and Air Conditioning, we recommend BioOne enzymatic drain cleaning products to all of our restaurant clients. BioOne also makes a full line of environmentally friendly, safe drain cleaning products for residential use. If you would like more information about BioOne enzymatic drain cleaning products for restaurants or for home use, or you would like to schedule professional drain cleaning services in Kennewick, Richland or Walla Walla, please Choose the Fuse and call us at (509) 396-9774.