Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning reduces dust and allergens in your home or office and improves your overall air quality.

Our Equipment

At Fuse, we’re serious about cleaning ducts and dryer vents. That’s why we’ve invested in duct cleaning equipment featuring a high horsepower vacuum unit and a 12″ diameter hose. With this system we’ll quickly pull dust and debris from your vents, even large objects like wood, nails, or other items accidentally dropped into your vents that could restrict the air flow.

Ever wonder what’s in your vents besides dust and lint? You’d be surprised! Before we start each project we assess your ducts using our special camera. Then we can show you exactly what lurks in your walls! We re-asses the ducts upon completion so you can see the difference!

Ducts aren’t All…Dryers are Important Too

Dryer vent cleaning is also very important as it reduces risk of fire and dryer failure. When was the last time you checked your dryer vent? (and we don’t mean just the hose connection at the back of the dryer!)

Our team will clean your dryer vent from the back of the dryer to the outside of your home. Ask any home insurance agent how important it is to clean your dryer vents. They can reassure you that this simple cleaning can save you from real tragedy.

Specials & Discounts

Duct Cleaning Special – $299
Reduce allergins and dust in your home!
Includes up to 9 vents, your furnace, and 1 return vent.
Additional vents only $12 each. Include your dryer vent for just $65.

In-Home Assessment – Free
Our team will evaluate your system for efficiencey and offer suggestions for improved performance.

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